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Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam


Salam Oh Omar (AlFarouk) English subtitle- سلاماً يا عمر الفاروق

Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ”Highlights” )

The Holy Quran / Bible Social Experiment (PRANK) With a twist!


Boxer Muhammad Ali on Religion

Please start from time index 20:44

Hadith Collection and Criticism

“…Hadith science is an amazing accomplishment, that stands as one of the most impressive intellectual feats and edifices in human history…”- Prof. Jonathan Brown

The following video is a talk delivered at MIT by University of Washington’s NELC Assistant Professor Jonathan Brown. He  recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago where his studies focused on the history of Islam, Islamic law, Qur’an and hadith, Islamic historiography, and hermeneutic traditions in Islam. His dissertation is entitled “The Canonization of al-Bukhari and Muslim: The Formation and Function of the Sunni Hadith Canon.” This talk was sponsored by the MIT Muslim Students’ Association, delivered on November 18, 2006, and was titled “A Brief History of Hadith Collection and Criticism.”


MBC Omar Series

This post is mostly a reminder for me, about the MBC Omar series which was once on youtube, both the original and with English subtitles. Unfortunately it has been taken down, but if you search other sites you might find the whole series.

The truth about the Dalai Lama

Beware of Language

The truth about Mother Teresa

Beware of Language

Misquoting Jesus in the Bible – Professor Bart D. Ehrman

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