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[BBC] Islam will be the world’s largest religion by 2070

Affected by Mo Salah, Liverpool Fan Converts to Islam

LIVERPOOL – It seems that a Liverpool fan has announced his decision to convert to Islam following Mohamed Salah four goals against Watford on Saturday, March 17.

“What Salah is doing this season is absolutely sensational, I’m officially joining Islam,” a user called Liverpool Family wrote on Twitter.


Jesus spoke Aramaic but the Bible is in Greek!

As Muslims we have the Qur’an verbatim from the Prophet(saw), he recited in Arabic and we recite in Arabic. word for word, letter for letter, dot for dot.

But can the same be said about Christianity? Basically we have a text which was originally supposed to be in Aramaic ( a sister language to Arabic) being written in Koine Greek (dead language which only a few know) translated into Latin and then FINALLY translated again into English, where it finds its common usage today.

Is it possible something could have been lost in translation?

Prophet Muhammad Sculpture at U.S. Supreme Court Shows Respect for Islam

Taken from here:

Since the events of 9/11 the Prophet Muhammad has been in the news the world over for all the wrong reasons. Examples of this include the Prophet (PBUH) being mocked in political cartoons as a terrorist and depicted as a child killer, rapist, and adulterer in films such as The Innocence of Muslims.

The Prophet (PBUH), however, is represented in an entirely different light in the United States Supreme Court building. Instead of portraying him as a violent fanatic, as so many critics do, the Supreme Court honours the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a source of justice alongside other Abrahamic prophets such as Moses and Soloman.


Salah Ad-Deen (Saladin) was a Kurd?

Taken from here:

Salah ad-Deen belonged to a prominent Kurdish family of noble origin. This family belonged to a Kurdish tribe that was regarded as one of the noblest in lineage, a clan that was known as ar-Rawadiyah.’

…But some Ayubids tried to deny their Kurdish origins and claim Arab blood in general, claiming to be descended from Banu Umayah in particular….

It is very strange that some historians go out of their way in their research to attribute Salah ad-Deen to a chain of forefathers that ends with Mudar, who was descended from ‘Adnan; it is as if, by means of this research which is contrary to academic standards, not to mention pure facts, they want to connect every non-Arab genius to an Arabic lineage,


Examining ‘Judeo-Christian’ Morals and Ethics

A friend of mine named “Abdullah” wrote a thought-provoking article which I would like to share:

Examining Judeo-Christian Morals and Ethics
Many times we hear the phrase “Judeo-Christian” morals and ethics, however are the teachings that Jesus had different from the teachings of the Rabbinical sages and Judaism?


Malcom X’s Hajj

MBC Omar Series

This post is mostly a reminder for me, about the MBC Omar series which was once on youtube, both the original and with English subtitles. Unfortunately it has been taken down, but if you search other sites you might find the whole series.

‘Amr ibn al-’As, the liberator of the Coptic people, according to Coptic Sources

Interesting account from Coptic Sources regarding the Liberation of the Coptic people by the Muslim Commander and Sahaba, “Amr ibn al-As:

When Amr took full possession of the city of Alexandria, and settled its affairs, that infidel, the governor of Alexandria, feared, he being both prefect and patriarch of the city under the Romans, that Amr would kill him; therefore he sucked a poisoned ring, and died on the spot. But Sanutius, the believing dux, made known to Amr the circumstances of that militant father, the patriarch Benjamin, and how he was a fugitive from the Romans, through fear of them. Then Amr, son of Al-Asi, wrote to the provinces of Egypt a letter, in which he said: “There is protection and security for the place where Benjamin, the patriarch of the Coptic Christians is, and peace from God; therefore let him come forth secure and tranquil, and administer the affairs of his Church, and the government of his nation.”


Hewlett-Packard CEO praises Islamic Civilization

Taken from here:

’ll end by telling a story.

There was once a civilization that was the greatest in the world.


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