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Jehovah Witness’ DISHONESTY of inserting the name Jehovah/Yahweh into the NT

The New World Translation uses the name Jehovah 237 times in the New Testament where the extant texts use only the Greek words kurios (Lord) and theos(God).

Bowman, Robert M. Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House. 1991. P114


Arabic in Codex Alexandrinus!!!!

Just an interesting find…..

Taken from:

Smith, W A. A study of the Gospels in Codex Alexandrinus : codicology, palaeography, and scribal hands. Boston: Brill, 2014. Print.

Screenshot from 2018-04-17 20-55-53

On the back of the first leaf of the codex, an Arabic inscription, followed by a Latin translation, reads:

Screenshot from 2018-04-17 21-33-51

Memorant hunc Librum scriptum fuisse manu Theclae Martyris.

Translation:  they say this book was written by the hand of Thecla the Martyr.


Codex Sinaiticus is a FORGERY- Part 1

Taken from :
Codex Sinaiticvs Petropolitanvs: The New Testament, the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas preserved in the Imperial Library of St. Petersburg, now reproduced in facsimile from photographs by Helen and Kirsopp Lake, with a description and introduction to the history of the Codex by Kirsopp Lake. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1911.

Screenshot from 2018-04-16 16-40-20.png


Why “Anta” and “Hiya” have the same conjugation in Mudari’?

Possible explanation, add comment if you differ:


Why is there a ن (Nuon) inـني (-ni)? An Examination of the presence of the Letter ن (Nuon) within the First-Person Object Pronoun?

Here are some possible explanations:


Part, Present, Future, and Imperative Conjugation

CvCvC_ _CCvC_ vCCvC_
suffix Prefix Suffix suffix
-tu a- -u
-naa na- -u
-ta ta- -u -u
-ti ta- -iina -ii
-tumaa ta- -aani -aa
-tum ta- -uuna -uu
-tunna ta- -na -na
-a ya- -u
-at ta- -u
-aa (m) -ataa (f) ya- / ta- -aani
-uu ya- -uuna
-na ya- -na
You don’t need to use the personal pronoun each time you conjugate, because each conjugation includes a specifity
For the future, add before muDarai3 (presnet tense) :
sa- : near future
sawfa far future
aktubu I write
I will write
sawfa aktubu
I will write

المضارع Present Tense-mudari

One letter changes in the beginning and some letters change in the ending.


The Past Tense (الفعل الماضي)

For all forms, nothing is added to the beginning and only changes happen at the end.


Qalb قَلْب vs. Kalb كَلْب

Be careful to distinguish between qalb قَلْب and kalb كَلْب, as it could very well mean the difference between romance or rejection.

Yā qalb-y يا قَلْبي (Oh my heart, my beloved) can dramatically turn into an insult “kalb-y” يا كَلْبي (my Dog). xD

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Dictionary in Arabic

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