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Moses, Yahweh and the name Joseph

Many claim that  Joseph is a theophoric-name rooted in the word Yahweh, meaning  “Yahweh will Add” instead of “He will Add”. Now we know that the name Yahweh was first revealed to Moses:

Exodus 6:3 English Standard Version

I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my name the LORD(Yahweh) I did not make myself known to them.

If the name Yahweh was first revealed to Moses, and Moses came after the Prophet Joseph, how can Joseph be “Yahweh will Add”.?


Does Lord(Kyrios) of the New Testament mean LORD(Yahweh) or Lord (Adonai) of the Old Testament?

As we mentioned before,  the name Yahweh does not appear ANYWHERE in the Greek New Testament! Instead the word Kyrios is substituted for both Yahweh (the supposed personal name of God)  , and the regular Lord (Adonai)

And  so when the New Testament uses the word “Lord”, it is not clear if it is referring to someone (God, or man) as Yahweh or Adonai. As we know the regular “Lord”/Adonai can not only be used for God, but also for someone who is considered master, superior, King etc. (Like when Sarah refers to Abraham as Lord).

Just to reiterate, the New Testament refers to God as “Lord” (Kyrios). Is that his personal name (Yahweh) or  just designation of Lord(Adonai) ?

This not only shows the lack of importance of the name Yahweh, within the early Christian community.  It also puts into question, whether the God of the Old Testament was ever called Yahweh in the first place?


91.7 % of the Qur’an in First Century AH vs 0 % of the Bible in First Century AD

Keeping aside the oral tradition of the Qur’an of which the Bible does not have in Greek , let alone in Aramaic ( the language which Jesus spoke); how does the textual integrity of the surviving manuscripts of each respective book compare?

Just considering the first hundred years of each respective calendar (the Islamic Calendar vs the Christian Calendar), we find that within the early first century the Muslims can boast a 91.7 % completion rate . As for the Christians they do not have a Biblical fragment until the second century, and even then it is the size of a credit card. Moreover just based on manuscripts, it would take more than 300 years to get a complete Bible.



Christians will claim that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost make up ONE God.

The Muslim naturally asks, does 1+1+1=1?

To which the Christian replies 1 X 1 X 1=1. Keeping aside the fact they are claiming that ‘God is being multipled’;

Let us assume for the sake of argument that this statement is true, and is a valid “mathematical” proof for the trinity. If SO, one would also have to recognize that

1 X 1 X 1 ….X 1= 1

Yay Hinduism!

Christian vs Hindu Spiritual Experiences

Many Christians claim that they believe in their religion and their doctrines because of spiritual experiences, and that I have not experienced the “Holy spirit” or “God”, therefore I can never be a christian and rightly guided

Many Hindus claim the same thing.  How can an objective believer and truth-seeker account for a christian experience and discount a Hindu who per-say has experienced Ganesha or Vishnu or Krishna., or something to that effect? What makes your spiritual experience true, and theirs false? Moreover should a christian himself/herself rely on their spiritual experiences?

As I mentioned in a previous post  ,  we can not rely on spiritual experiences to base our belief in a religion, but rather on logic and reasoning.

Is there a Trinity in the Old Testament?

Many Christians claim that the concept of the Trinity is a Biblical Idea, and can be found EVERYWHERE in the Bible. I find this hard to believe, especially for the Old Testament.

If we put the Old Testament in a vacuum , keeping aside all the vague so-called Trinitarian proof texts in the New Testament, the answer to the above question is a clear and emphatic , NO.


Does Jesus support Abortion?

Many Christians would claim that Jesus is also the God of the Old Testament. According to their line of reasoning , one would have to say that the actions and orders of God in the Old Testament are not only His, but also of Jesus; one in the same.

Now, to the topic at hand, what is the stance of Jesus on Abortion?


Fermi’s Paradox and Evolution

If evolution does exist, how come we cant make contact with evolved beings on different earth-like planets like ours?

Shariah or Secularism: What would the Founders do?

By Abdullah

We are often told of the shinning example that Secular Democracy has given the world in the embodiment of the American Republic; but is this the example that the Founders would have wished for civilized world? Though Americans tout the principles of a government void of religion, these principles are easily caste aside when it comes to someone of a non-christian sect assuming his rightful place in office. Many may be familiar with Keith Ellison the first Muslim elected to congress, and how he wished to swear on the Qur’an instead of the Bible. While a logical person would be pleased with the decision that he would swear on a book that actually means a great deal to him instead of a book that holds no real religious significance, this was not the case for many Americans. In the blink of an eye Americans went from Champions of Secularism to the enforcers of the Religious Reich! The more read the more confounded I became at the situation until it just all fell into place. Americans were not opposed to religion in its totality, but rather just Islam! Jews such as Madeleine Kunin and Debbie Wasserman Schultzhave been allowed to swear on torah’s and Jewish prayer books yet there was no outcry! President Johnson was sworn in on a Catholic missal and President John Quincy Adams did not even use a Bible he used a law book! It is the American sentiment that Muslims are excluded from the nation’s politics. Sadly Americans do not realize that the founders of their nation would not consider this sentiment to be American. Thomas Jefferson praised the laws of religious tolerance passed in Virginia and specifically mentioned Islam as a reason this law was needed to insure they were allowed to participate in office. But does this tolerance mean a voiding of religion all together, would the founders want our children to be void of religion? I think perhaps the sentiment is best summed up by a Signer of the Declaration of Independence, attendee of the Continental Congress and Friend of Thomas Jefferson, Physician Benjamin Rush. Benjamin rush stated that he would ““rather see the opinions of Confucius or Mohammed inculcated upon our youth than see them grow up wholly devoid of a system of religious principles.”

Purifying our Intentions for Seeking Knowledge

I was reading Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali’s The Compendium of Knowledge and Wisdom (translated by Abdassamad Clarke) and I came across some points on seeking knowledge, that would be a good reminder for everybody, starting with me.

We read on pg. 15, under the section of Intention:

At-Tirmidhi related a hadith of Kab ibn Malik that the Prophet(SAW) said ‘Whoever seeks knowledge in order to argue with foolish people, or to compete with people of knowledge, or to turn people’s faces towards him, then Allah (SWT)will put him in the Fire’(At-Tirmidhi 265). Ibn Majah related the same meaning from a hadith of Ibn Umar, Hudahfah, and Jabir is, “Do not learn knowledge in order to compete with people of knowledge or to argue with foolish people or to do well in assemblies. For whoever does that, then [beware of] the Fire! The Fire!” (Ibn Majah 253) Ibn Masud said, ‘Do not learn knowledge for three reasons: to argue with foolish people, or to dispute with fuqaha, or to turn people’s faces towards you. Seek from your words and your actions that which is with Allah (SWT) because it endures and what is other than it will go away

And to add this idea, Imam Zaid Shakir also reminds about the ‘The Proper Approach to Debating”, by quoting the statement of Imam Shafi`i:

Never do I debate a man with a desire to hear him err in his speech, or to expose the flaws in his argument, and thus vanquish him. Whenever I face an opponent in debate I silently supplicate, ‘O Lord, help him so that truth may manifest itself in his heart and on his tongue. If it be that the truth is on my side, may he follow me; and if the truth be on his side, may I follow him.’

May Allah (SWT) (SWT) purify our intentions to seek knowledge for His Sake!

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