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Imam Nawawi on Khidr being alive

جمهور العلماء على أنه حي موجود بين أظهرنا ، وذلك متفق عليه عند الصوفية ، وأهل الصلاح والمعرفة ، وحكاياتهم في رؤيته والاجتماع به والأخذ عنه وسؤاله وجوابه ووجوده في المواضع الشريفة ومواطن الخير أكثر من أن يحصر ، وأشهر من أن يستر .

Imam Nawawi in his commentary on Sahih Muslim states: “The majority of scholars hold that he is alive and present among us, and this is agreed upon between the Sufis, the people of righteousness and gnosis. There narratives regarding witnessing him, gathering with him, taking from him, asking him questions and receiving answers from him, and his presence in noble and good situations and abodes is more than can be enumerated and more famous than can be concealed”

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Ibn Taymiyya says Khidr is Alive

The Sheikh (Ibn Taymiyyah) – Rahimahullah – was asked:
“Was Khidr (as) a Prophet or a Wali? And is he alive to the present day? And if he is alive, then what do you say about what has been narrated about the Prophet saying “Had he been alive, he would surely have visited me”? Is this hadith sahih or not?”
And the Sheikh answered:


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