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Tabari on the History between the Death of Joseph and the Birth of Moses

Ibn Ishaq said -Ibn Humayd -Salamah -Ibn Ishaq: God took Joseph, and the king who was with him , al-Rayyin b. al-Walid, died. The pharaohs had inherited rule over Egypt from the Amalekites. God scattered the Israelites there ; when Joseph died, he was buried, as was mentioned to me, in a casket of marble in the Nile, in the midst of the water. The Israelites continued living under the rule of the pharaohs while maintaining of their religion whatever Joseph,\ Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham had prescribed for them of Islam, holding fast to that until the Pharaoh, to whom God sent Moses, had arrived. Among the pharaohs there was none more insolent than he toward God, or haughtier in speech, or longer-lived in his rule. His name, according to what I have been told, was al-Walid b. Musab. There was no pharaoh more ruthless, harder-hearted, or of more evil character toward the Israelites than he. He tormented them and made them slaves and chattels, classifying them in his tasks: one class for building, another class for plowing, another class for his sowing. They\ were busy with his projects, and whoever among them was not working for him had to pay a poll tax. He inflicted'” upon them, as God said, “dreadful torment.”169Yet they retained remnants of their religion, from which they did not want to depart. The pharaoh had married an Israelite woman named Asiyah bt. Muzahim, from the best of a limited number of women. He was granted a long life among them while he ruled them, and in return he inflicted upon them dreadful torment. When God wanted to release them from their misery, and when Moses had reached maturity, God gave him the message. The narrator continued: It was told to me that, when Moses’ time approached, the astrologers and diviners of Pharaoh came to him and said: “We want you to know that we find according to our lore that a child born to the Israelites, the time of whose birth draws near to you, will deprive you of your rule. He will vanquish you in your dominion, send you out of your land, and change your religion.” When they told him this, he ordered the slaying of every newborn male child who would be born among the Israelites and commanded that they spare the females alive., 70 He gathered the midwives from the people of his domain and said to them, “Do not let a single male fetus of the Israelites come forth at your hands without striking him.” They would do this, while he killed those lads who were older. As for the pregnant women, he ordered them to be tormented until they miscarried


Al-Tabari’s History on Qur’an 5:31

(Qur’an  5:31) Then Allah sent a crow searching in the ground to show him how to hide the disgrace of his brother. He said, “O woe to me! Have I failed to be like this crow and hide the body of my brother?” And he became of the regretful.


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