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Haydock on Genesis 30:24 ( Joseph is not a Theophoric name!!!)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary On The Old Testament

Ver. 24.  Joseph.  In imposing this name, Rachel looks both to the past and to the future; thanking God for taking away (asop) her reproach, and begging that He would add (isop or Joseph) the blessing of another son, as he really did, though it occasioned her death: so little do we know what we ask for!  Joseph means one “adding or increasing.”  C. xlix. 22.  H. — He was born when the 14 years of service were over; being a most glorious figure of Jesus Christ, who came to redeem us from slavery.  D.


  1. Hi Abdul it’s sad to see that how you failed to answer any of my questions. This proves that your religion is fake and fragile. Muslims are desperate and have no morality and without any shame they distort other scriptures. Very big lier Muslims are


    • There are a couple of reasons I don’t address you anymore:

      (1) Your spelling is bad
      (2) Your grammar is bad
      (3) You have rude and insulting language, you represent the manners of a Pharisee.
      (4) AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, I have no idea what argument you are making. It is riddled with logical fallacies of red herrings , ad hominems, and strawmans. Just in general, the logic doesn’t follow.

      Because of these I don’t address you anymore. Your welcome to bring up any point you want, as long as it respectful and doesn’t include rude language.

      I will only delete your comments, if they do contain rude and insulting language. I prefer to preserve your comments as a testament to the irrationality and ignorance of some Christians who are stuck in their belief.


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