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Does Lord(Kyrios) of the New Testament mean LORD(Yahweh) or Lord (Adonai) of the Old Testament?

As we mentioned before,  the name Yahweh does not appear ANYWHERE in the Greek New Testament! Instead the word Kyrios is substituted for both Yahweh (the supposed personal name of God)  , and the regular Lord (Adonai)

And  so when the New Testament uses the word “Lord”, it is not clear if it is referring to someone (God, or man) as Yahweh or Adonai. As we know the regular “Lord”/Adonai can not only be used for God, but also for someone who is considered master, superior, King etc. (Like when Sarah refers to Abraham as Lord).

Just to reiterate, the New Testament refers to God as “Lord” (Kyrios). Is that his personal name (Yahweh) or  just designation of Lord(Adonai) ?

This not only shows the lack of importance of the name Yahweh, within the early Christian community.  It also puts into question, whether the God of the Old Testament was ever called Yahweh in the first place?

” When the Septuagint was translated no attempt was made to translate YHWH, but the Christians who felt no longer bound by the tradition of the fathers did not hesitate to replace it by “kyrios”, the equivalent of ‘adon-a thing they would not have dared to do, had the name appeared as scared to them as it did to the Massoretes some seven centuries later. I would venture to suggest that the Christian rejection of the transliteration YHWH-and also one of the untransliterated Hebrew letters-in the Septuagint was one of the chief factors which sanctified it among the Jews..”

MacLaurin, E. C. B. “YHWH, the Origin of the Tetragrammaton.” Vetus Testamentum, vol. 12, no. 4, 1962, pp. 439–463. JSTOR, JSTOR,


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