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Jesus spoke Aramaic but the Bible is in Greek!

As Muslims we have the Qur’an verbatim from the Prophet(saw), he recited in Arabic and we recite in Arabic. word for word, letter for letter, dot for dot.

But can the same be said about Christianity? Basically we have a text which was originally supposed to be in Aramaic ( a sister language to Arabic) being written in Koine Greek (dead language which only a few know) translated into Latin and then FINALLY translated again into English, where it finds its common usage today.

Is it possible something could have been lost in translation?


  1. Please, may we correct: the bible is not in Greek, but for most part in Hebrew, an other part in Aramaic and the last books in Greek (with here and there some Aramaic words).

    Several Jews and Christians believe Allah gave His Word to all people and because division was made by languages God His Word is now available in many languages so that nobody would be able to say he or she could not have heard or come to understand the Word of God.

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