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Do Christians have to Answer your Questions?


1 Peter 3:15 (ESV)

15 but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,



  1. LD McLellan says:

    If you will kindly notice, the passage doesn’t say you have to answer. It says to be prepared to answer. It doesn’t say you must answer. The Greek term is hetoimos (ready) and it’s a reference to being prepared. This passage is about being prepared. Its interesting that the prior verses deal with situations of persecution when Christians were called into account for their faith, often to the point of being killed for it. In the prior verse it says: “But and if ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled…” Interesting that Christians today are likewise enduring “terror” in certain countries around the world. Basically though, this passage is not about debating or verbal jousts. In context its about how to respond during persecution.


    • Thank you for you Comment! I think your understanding of the verse, may be ‘unique’.

      Let us examine how other Christians have interpreted this verse:


      1 Peter 3:15 admonishes us to always be ready to make a “defense” or “answer.” These words translate the Greek word “apologia.” The word meant to make a verbal defense, especially in a court of law. The idea is that a person gives rational proofs and convincing evidence to corroborate their case.
      Christian apologetics, therefore, is that branch of Christianity that deals with answering any and all who oppose the revelation of God in the Bible. Christian apologetics can be traced as far back as the second century AD. Early Church Fathers such as Justin Martyr (ca. 100-165) and Orgien (ca. 185-254) are two of the Church’s earliest apologists.”


      The message is simple: Christians need to be ready to give a defense for what they believe. And this verse provides the biblical charge for Christians to engage in apologetics.


      The text of Scripture that most clearly teaches us about every believer’s responsibility to be involved in apologetics is 1 Peter 3:15-16. In this passage, every believer is commanded to be prepared to “give and answer,” lit. “make a defense” (Greek: apologia) for what he believes. This defense is made through appeal to a “reason,” (Greek: logos) or a logical, rational argument. And the content of the argument is the hope within us (essentially our belief in Christ’s resurrection and return). The rest of the passage proceeds to tell us how to do so: gently, with respect, and supported by a pure life and conscience.


  2. 2Pe 1:20  Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.


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