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Is there a Trinity in the Old Testament?


Many Christians claim that the concept of the Trinity is a Biblical Idea, and can be found EVERYWHERE in the Bible. I find this hard to believe, especially for the Old Testament.

If we put the Old Testament in a vacuum , keeping aside all the vague so-called Trinitarian proof texts in the New Testament, the answer to the above question is a clear and emphatic , NO.

Now these Christians will try to show a PLURALITY being taught in Genesis 1:26. Let us assume that God is a plural being, if so who is restricting that plurality to three? Why can’t the Hindus be right, who some of them believe that God is composed of many or all beings?

These Christians will also claim that in Deut 6:4, a compound unity is being taught in the word ‘echad’. Again, the question arises who is restricting that compound unity to three?

Finally,  these Christians will also try to show that God’s manifestations occur as Theophanies throughout the Old Testament. My question, if these so-called Theopanies are not acting as representative of God, but are in fact manifestations of God, Can you show us which theophany represents which part of the triune godhead?

It is clear and apparent, that God of the Old Testament is one, and unique and is not composed of many beings , not made up of many beings and not manifested in other beings. God is One, and has no Partners.


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