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Jesus Kills in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas


Many Christians try to claim that Jesus is the ‘prince of peace’ and that killing people would have negated his status of being not only a prophet of God but also his son. They mention this in particular to try to argue that Muhammad (saw) is not a prophet because he participated in wars.

This is obviously an absurd argument because we can just mention the “fatally violent acts” of OT prophets. In addition to this , if  christians claim Jesus is God, why is Jesus ordering people in the OT to rip open the bellies of pregnant women(Hosea 13:16) which further debunks the claim that Jesus does not promote violent acts.  However in this post, I will show in particular that Jesus is killing boys as a child.

Now before I get into the account, let me defend the infancy Gospel of Thomas. In short the infancy Gospel of Thomas, is just as authentic as the Bible we have today :p. You can take that statement however you want, because I am sure most people already know that I have a very low opinion of the authenticity of the Bible.  A more articulated form of what I said, is echoed by a PhD candidate  who is studying the Gospel of Thomas:

“I think that the fact that we are dealing with written records of orally transmitted eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ ministry and teaching means that we have no accurate way of making empirical decisions about what is and isn’t authentic Jesus tradition”

Now that we have settled any issues brought about the authenticity of the Gospel of Thomas, let us get into the text:

The stories of Thomas the Israelite, the Philosopher, concerning the works of the Childhood of the Lord.

I. I, Thomas the Israelite, tell unto you, even all the brethren that are of the Gentiles, to make known unto you the works of the childhood of our Lord Jesus Christ and his mighty deeds, even all that he did when he was born in our land: whereof the beginning is thus:

II. 1 This little child Jesus when he was five years old was playing at the ford of a brook: and he gathered together the waters that flowed there into pools, and made them straightway clean, and commanded them by his word alone. 2 And having made soft clay, he fashioned thereof twelve sparrows. And it was the Sabbath when he did these things (or made them). And there were also many other little children playing with him.

3 And a certain Jew when he saw what Jesus did, playing upon the Sabbath day, departed straightway and told his father Joseph: Lo, thy child is at the brook, and he hath taken clay and fashioned twelve little birds, and hath polluted the Sabbath day. 4 And Joseph came to the place and saw: and cried out to him, saying: Wherefore doest thou these things on the Sabbath, which it is not lawful to do? But Jesus clapped his hands together and cried out to the sparrows and said to them: Go! and the sparrows took their flight and went away chirping. 5 And when the Jews saw it they were amazed, and departed and told their chief men that which they had seen Jesus do.

III. 1 But the son of Annas the scribe was standing there with Joseph; and he took a branch of a willow and dispersed the waters which Jesus had gathered together. 2 And when Jesus saw what was done, he was wroth and said unto him: O evil, ungodly, and foolish one, what hurt did the pools and the waters do thee? behold, now also thou shalt be withered like a tree, and shalt not bear leaves, neither root, nor fruit. 3 And straightway that lad withered up wholly, but Jesus departed and went unto Joseph’s house. But the parents of him that was withered took him up, bewailing his youth, and brought him to Joseph, and accused him ‘for that thou hast such a child which doeth such deeds.’

IV. 1 After that again he went through the village, and a child ran and dashed against his shoulder. And Jesus was provoked and said unto him: Thou shalt not finish thy course (lit. go all thy way). And immediately he fell down and died. But certain when they saw what was done said: Whence was this young child born, for that every word of his is an accomplished work? And the parents of him that was dead came unto Joseph, and blamed him, saying: Thou that hast such a child canst not dwell with us in the village: or do thou teach him to bless and not to curse: for he slayeth our children.




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