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Salah Ad-Deen (Saladin) was a Kurd?


Taken from here:

Salah ad-Deen belonged to a prominent Kurdish family of noble origin. This family belonged to a Kurdish tribe that was regarded as one of the noblest in lineage, a clan that was known as ar-Rawadiyah.’

…But some Ayubids tried to deny their Kurdish origins and claim Arab blood in general, claiming to be descended from Banu Umayah in particular….

It is very strange that some historians go out of their way in their research to attribute Salah ad-Deen to a chain of forefathers that ends with Mudar, who was descended from ‘Adnan; it is as if, by means of this research which is contrary to academic standards, not to mention pure facts, they want to connect every non-Arab genius to an Arabic lineage,

as if all virtues and noble characteristics belong exclusively to the Arabs and as if the non Arab Muslims – according to their short-sighted way of thinking – cannot build glory, establish civilizations or leave great legacies,” or support Islam with the sword and by means of their words. If we look into history and research the great men who built Islamic civilization, we will discover that the many nations who entered Islam contributed to Islamic civilization. Muhammad al-Fatih, Noor ad-Deen and ‘Imad ad-Deen were Turks; Nizam al-Mulk was Persian; the Ayubid family were Kurds; Yoosuf ibn Tashfeen was a Berber. Allah honoured the Arabs with the Islamic message, and He also honours those who are sincere towards His religion. We are opposed to blind tribalism and hateful racism. The Islamic principle is:







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